About Us

McKenzie is the brains behind the operation here at PNW Poured. She lives in Northwest Washington State with her husband, Grant and her almost 2 year old son Emmett. Her passion for creating has led her many directions and landed her on candle making during the 2020 craziness as a way to destress. It started as a way to unwind and quickly grew into what it is today!

When McKenzie isn't pouring candles, she works as a labor and delivery nurse at the local hospital. Her love for serving her community goes beyond her job as a nurse and pours over into every aspect of her life. Each candle she makes is made with so much love. 

Each scent is inspired by both her and her husbands memories of growing up in the PNW! Utilizing where each of them grew up and now live as inspiration for the scents allows others to connect and reminisce on their own memories of the PNW. Another big aspect of all of PNW Poured's products is they are all free of phthalates and parabens and don't contain any ingredients on the CA Prop 65 list. Each product is created with your family in mind including your fur members!